Show me your friends and I’ll show you your future

The bright future...

The bright future…

The words, “Show me your friends and I’ll show you your future” was both introduced and directed towards me by a great artist and my best man Brent Estabrook in 2010. The complimentary words were meant as if his association to me was a guarantee for his own bright future. As flattering as it was, those words were not taken lightly. I have come to realize the meaning of that quote had a strong reference to the path of prosperity. Your friends do in fact tell your future. To learn more about how, continue reading and ENJOY!

For anyone, the words “show me your friends and I’ll show you your future” should be among some of the most powerful words relative to your pursuit of happiness and prosperity. In my opinion, the pursuit of happiness and prosperity should be a common goal among all who walk this earth. Unfortunately, the path to achieving total happiness is beyond my expertise and the scope of this blog. Fortunately, the goal of achieving prosperity happens to be an achievement that I hold in a very high regard and is the primary reason I dedicate my spare time to helping others inch closer to that status.

I do not claim to be an expert on happiness, but since we are on the subject, try reading this great book! The Happiness Hypothesis

The easiest road to prosperity was uncovered in a previous post in the Allison Enterprise Bloggery. I discussed how the answer to becoming rich can be pealed down into two words. For a link to this post click here, you’ll be glad you did. In regards to the pursuit of becoming rich, I would venture to guess there are billions of dollars generated on an annual basis claiming they hold the answer to getting rich. For the most part, these people are likely correct in their efforts, but I also feel safe making the presumption that only a handful of these people actually cut through the BS and reveal the answer in just two words. My previous post reveals the single most important action to becoming rich in just two words, but unfortunately the number of roads to get there is infinite.

Now we have come to the meat & potatoes of this post: The truth is, everyone in this world knows someone or learned from someone that was influential to their success. So when President Obama was hammered for saying, “You didn’t build that…” he was actually on to something there. The problem was, people isolated that speech and grilled him for it. Unfair it was, but this isn’t a blog about politics so enough about that. The point I’m trying to make here is that the large majority of people do not become rich out of thin air. The majority of people do not become wealthy because they had this revolutionary idea that was developed on their own. Yes this does happen, but this event is more likely the exception rather than the rule.

Most people can attribute their success to an association, or associations. On the other side of the coin, you can also attribute failures to an association or associations. We have all heard the phrase, “guilty by association”. This phrase has some relevancy to my point because the people you associate with will either have a positive or negative impact on your life. In order to help fast track the road to success, I strongly urge you to make connections with people who have positive events happening in their lives. If you want to become a millionaire, make friends with millionaires and start acting like a millionaire. If you want to be poor, have poor-minded friends and make poor choices.

It is important that you do not misconstrue the previous point. I simply want you to focus on making connections with the right people as well as getting your mind-set in line with your goals. For clarification, this doesn’t mean that you should disown your poor friends at all. In fact, your poor friends will probably be your truest friends throughout life.  Just make sure you focus on connecting with people who can make decisions in your industry and you will be heading in the right direction.

When you start networking and associating yourself with successful people, opportunities will begin to open up for you. These opportunities may come in the form of job prospects, investment opportunities, life advice, or wealth tips. All these are positive things that can be used to better your situation. If you weren’t around the right people, those opportunities would never exist.

There have been several occasions in recent memory where a mutual friend introduced me to the right person who was in charge of making purchasing decisions on materials that I sell on a regular basis. Some of these introductions led to lucrative business deals. If it weren’t for this mutual friend, I would have never had the opportunity to get face to face and discuss business with them.

The mutual friend card should be thought of as the wild card. The wild card allows you to get your foot in the door with the right people. Without the wild card, the gate keeper would slam the door in your face if you tried cold calling to get the decision maker. Opportunities to meet with the right people are often times extremely difficult to capitalize on without having mutual acquaintances. Getting your foot in the door with the right person is a great feeling but the best thing about it is; once you get your foot in the door with one big-fish, you can use the big-fish client to help get a snow ball of momentum rolling.

The way you build the snow ball is by using your big-fish client as leverage for prospective clients. You can leverage your odds of adding more clients by using your big-fish client as substantiation or proof that you mean business. Think of this scenario: You have a buddy that knows a buying agent for COSTCO. Your buddy sets up a social event such as a party where the buying agent will be at. Your friend tells you what the buyer’s agent does for fun, how many kids he has, where he went to school, and other information useful for the social event. Then when you actually go to the social event, you will already know how to tailor your questions for the buying agent. This helps build an immediate rapport between you and the buyer. The next thing you know, the buyer likes your drive. Next week they want to set up a meeting to discuss your products along with the buying process. The following week, your account is set up. Before you know it, you are a new vendor for COSTCO and you have your mutual connection to thank for it.

OK, so back to leveraging the big-fish from COSTCO to build a snow ball of momentum.. Here’s how to do it: Once you have COSTCO on board and the relationship is established along with a little history, mention to your prospective clients that you also serve COSTCO as a client. Once your prospective client finds out you have a big retail company like COSTCO as a client, your stock immediately goes up. They know you mean business and that you aren’t an average Joe. The same goes in the dating world. Once you date a 9 or 10, its very difficult to go lower. Why? Because you have made your stock value shoot up. Your perceived value among the other ladies has been elevated. You become more desirable, and people take you more seriously.

Sound far-fetched? This is far from far-fetched. This is how deals are made. It happens all the time. The deals that make or break a person’s career aren’t made from cold calls, and they certainly aren’t made from emails. The deals are made through mutual friends and social gatherings. My advice to you is to start networking in your industry. Pick your head up, and put down your phone. Share oxygen with other people. Go to events, and become likable. Connections are everything in the business world, and if you think you can make it without them. You are terribly mistaken.

Have any stories to share? Any thoughts or comments? Please comment, I would love you hear from you! Thanks for reading.

Disclaimer: I am not a tax professional or a legal advisor. All the information posted on this blog are simply opinions. Take with you what you want, and discard what you don’t want.

Joey Allison

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