How to Calculate Markup

how to calculate markupIn my experience dealing with sales, which has been my entire professional career and counting, there has been much confusion surrounding the method of calculating the desired markup percentage on goods and services. There is much debate as to which method is correct and which is not. Continue reading as I outline the only true way to calculate markup on your product or service. Continue reading

3 Important Lessons You Won’t Learn With A Business Degree

business degree

OK, You earned your business degree, so now what do you do?

Here are 3 important lessons you won’t learn with a business degree.

(This is information, few people will tell you.)

When I was accepted into the University of Arizona, I really had no idea what to expect on any level. I didn’t know who I was going to meet, I didn’t know if I would make it through the end, I wasn’t sure if I was going to like studying at a University, and I had absolutely no idea who I would transform into after I received my diploma. Would I transform into anything more significant at all?

The only thing I knew was, if I studied hard, and focused in class, I was going to be the first in my family to earn a degree. With that in mind, I really had absolutely no idea what kind of man I would become over then next few years. I wondered, “Would I even leave this place fully prepared to run a business, manage money, and manage employees?” I had a lot of visions that I would become this hot-shot Harvard style grad, budding with confidence, and a more intellectual approach to the world. They were just visions though. I had no idea what changes I was about to undergo.

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The Pursuit of Happiness

hourglassThroughout our pursuit of happiness, there are only a handful of absolutes that are certain to take place. 1) There are an infinite number of paths to choose from as we meander through the maze of life.  2) Time is a finite resource that pressures most of us to embark on this great pursuit while maintaining the goal of reaching happiness as quickly as possible.

As much as we would all like to slow our biological time clock, there is no escaping our fate. We all enter life with an hourglass carrying some unknown amount of sand. All of us will have a beginning, a middle, and an end, with no option of negotiating the amount of sand in the glass. The beginning and end are merely blips in our life’s timeline, and the time between the bookends is what we should really bring into focus. Placing an emphasis on spending the short amount of time we are given carefully, leaves us little time to endure lousy jobs or lousy relationships.

Continue reading as I discuss a few points I believe to be critical in order to achieve total happiness:

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What Makes America So Great?

American FlagAs I relaxed in bed this morning, I watched the morning news before I started the day. The news channel was interviewing Americans on the street and asking them what they thought makes America so great.

Many of the responders were moved to tears when they described how their country has allowed their family to prosper. That was when it really inspired me to write this post.

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Freelance Your Way To Financial Freedom


The FreelancerA few years ago, a self made man whom I respected for a long time asked me: “If you could have any job in the world, what would it be?”

After being caught off-guard with the deep question, I replied with a job title that was different from the one on my business card. He said, “That’s great. So why aren’t you doing that?” My reply was long, drawn out, and elaborate, but at the end of it all, it was merely a bad excuse.

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Creating A Money Farm: Part I

Money-FarmI am quite confident all of us have been told by our parents at least once in our lives that “money doesn’t grow on trees“. Most of us who were not born into a wealthy family have been taught at a young age that money; or more specifically, discretionary money is somewhat of a finite resource. This means that most of us are under the false impression there is only a certain amount of discretionary money available, and once it runs out, it’s gone for good.

Up until now, this was in large part accurate for most of us, but what if we grew up misinformed? What if we can rig the system in our favor so that we can afford the things we want in life when we want them? In the following article, I will let you know how this can become a reality for you.

Continue reading and you will find out how to create a money farm that will continue to produce money as long as you continue to water the crop.

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Top 5 Tips For Starting Your First Business

On The FenceYou’re on the fence again. You’ve been here before. On your right side is the most luscious green grass you have ever seen. Also on the right side of the fence is the possibility to achieve financial freedom for the first time in your life.

On your left side is what you mistakenly thought to be a stable job and a decent salary i.e., dead grass for as far as you can see. As you are sitting on the fence evaluating your next move, the thought of bringing financial freedom to your family welcomes good vibes to the soul and a flush of adrenaline to your body. Then like many times before, the thought of uncertainty, risk, and fear quickly take over and douse the flames out. Now snap back to reality! Your copier is finished and your reports are waiting in the tray…Time for you to get back to work.

If this internal struggle sounds familiar to you, then you will want to continue reading. Below is a list of tips for starting your first business. Starting your first business really isn’t as risky as you think. Truuuust me!

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